29 Jul

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I will depart from Ealing, which I called my home for the period I worked in London as an Engineering Consultant, on 29 July 2010, my birthday.

The route will take me through approximately 11 countries to my destination Cape Town, home to my family, wife Leone and 3 year old daughter Shanel. The countries include UK, France, Italy, Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.

Traveling long distance on a motorbike will be challenging. I plan to ride 3 to 4 days at a pace of 350 to 500 km per day depending on road conditions, punctures, breakdowns,

border crossings, etc. As far as possible I plan to camp off the road, however will need to make use of hostels and hotels on some parts of the trip. On my days off I want to explore the area and experience the cultures of the local people. The total estimated distance will be 15000 km, thus it could take me up to 45 days or more to complete. As far as possible I will visit some of the Riders’s locations to see how they go about their daily helping of people in remote villages.

The Itinerary

Day Date Country Approx Distance (km)
1 29/07/2010 UK 180
2 30/07/2010 France Frerry from Dover to Calais 1300
3 31/07/2010 France
4 01/08/2010 France
5 02/08/2010 France Rest
6 03/08/2010 France
7 04/08/2010 Italy Arrive in Venice
8 05/08/2010 Italy Ferry from Venice to Alexandria, Egypt
9 06/08/2010 Egypt 1800
10 07/08/2010 Egypt
11 08/08/2010 Egypt
12 09/08/2010 Egypt Rest
13 10/08/2010 Egypt
14 11/08/2010 Egypt
15 12/08/2010 Egypt Ferry From Egypt to Sudan
16 13/08/2010 Sudan Rest 2500
17 14/08/2010 Sudan
18 15/08/2010 Sudan
19 16/08/2010 Sudan
20 17/08/2010 Sudan Rest
21 18/08/2010 Sudan
22 19/08/2010 Sudan Sudan to Uganda
23 20/08/2010 Uganda 700
24 21/08/2010 Uganda Rest
25 22/08/2010 Uganda
26 23/08/2010 Uganda
27 24/08/2010 Uganda Uganda to Tanzania
28 25/08/2010 Tanzania Rest 1100
29 26/08/2010 Tanzania
30 27/08/2010 Tanzania
31 28/08/2010 Tanzania
32 29/08/2010 Tanzania Rest
33 30/08/2010 Tanzania
34 31/08/2010 Tanzania Tanzania to Malawi
35 01/09/2010 Malawi Rest 500
36 02/09/2010 Malawi Malawi to Zambia
37 03/09/2010 Zambia 1600
38 04/09/2010 Zambia Meet Riders Officials!
39 05/09/2010 Zambia Rest
40 06/09/2010 Zambia
41 07/09/2010 Zambia
42 08/09/2010 Zambia Victoria Falls – rest
43 09/09/2010 Zambia Zambia to Botswana
44 10/09/2010 Botswana Maun 1000
45 11/09/2010 Botswana Rest
46 12/09/2010 Botswana Francistown
47 13/09/2010 Botswana Gaborone
48 14/09/2010 Botswana Rest
49 15/09/2010 Botswana Botswana to South Africa
50 16/09/2010 South Africa Kuruman 1500
51 17/09/2010 South Africa Upington
52 18/09/2010 South Africa Calfinia
53 19/09/2010 South Africa Kotzesrus
54 20/09/2010 South Africa Kotzesrus
55 21/09/2010 South Africa Cape Town, Edgemead

I hope to reach my destination middle of September 2010!

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29 Jul

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I plan to depart on an adventure that will change my live, but more importantly will change lives and give life to people in Africa.

 My journey will start in London and end in Cape Town, and I will do this in aid of Riders for Health

 Click here to view the website believes that in the 21st century, people living in rural Africa should not die of easily preventable diseases simply because they cannot be reached.

Riders for Health is a non-governmental organization dedicated to reaching communities in rural Africa with health care on a regular basis by establishing an infrastructure of reliable and sustainable transportation.  Riders for Health mobilise health workers from ministries of health and local organizations, enabling them to reach outlying communities with vital and often life-saving health care.’

Riders is dedicated to overcoming the gap in health care delivery and ensuring that help finally reaches those suffering. They have established a locally run transport management infrastructure that makes sure that their partners can reach their beneficiaries. Riders is mobilising over one thousand health workers from a range of organizations, helping to reach ten million people with regular health care.

Using motorcycles in Africa is not a new idea, but Riders’ holistic approach to providing integrated, managed transportation.

I therefore find it appropriate to pursue this voyage on a motorcycle, to commemorate all the riders currently providing this critical service to poor communities.

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